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Refund Policy

It is proved that the regular practitioners have acted in violation of any applicable laws. Hence, we shall provide a complete refund to the user, to proceed investigation. 

If the cancellation takes place due to the abusive nature of the user, then such kinds of customers will not be eligible for any refund. Also the practitioner can take legal action, depending on the nature of the situation.

Users have the right to refrain from raising any personal query or advice which is not related to a specific disease/medicine. In the event, the user raises any such personal queries or advice on the platform, we have the right to terminate the consultation of such customers and then they are not eligible to get a refund of any kind.

In case a Practitioner does not respond to a paid consultation within ten minutes from the time of starting a consultation, then the user can ask for a refund. Additionally, if a doctor does not respond for more than fifteen minutes during an active consultation, the customer has the right to request a refund.

In case a Practitioner does not provide a consultation summary prescription for the condition of the user, then the user shall have the right to request for a refund. If an amounts paid by the user with respect to such consultations will be refunded in a particular time. 

If the practitioner has provided a consultation summary prescription to the user, refunds will not be provided.

We shall provide a complete refund to the user, in the subject of investigation.

In case, Dr. Samyuktha receives multiple cancellation requests from same users for unrealistic reasons that are not the cancellation policy, then we have the right to permanently block Users from the platform.

Users can request for a refund by contacting our online chat support.

We shall check the details and process the refund where applicable, solely at its discretion. Once the request for refund is processed, the money will be refunded to the user within 7 working days from the day the refund has been approved by us.

In the event, a user raises any concerns regarding the unsuitability of a particular consultation, the refund or any other outcome for any such concerns raised by the user will be subject for a detailed review of the said concerns by our internal policies.

In all matters related to refund and settlement under this Agreement, we shall decide so at its sole and absolute discretion after a comprehensive review of the matter and adhering to the information provided by the parties involved. In this regard, the decision of Dr. Samyuktha will be marked as final.